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Read below what patients have to say about the care they received from Dr. Stephanie Reeder and Dr. James Cherry.

The most kind, professional and efficient medical service I have received in a long time! From the first call made to the medical procedure that was performed on the same day. I am so grateful to Dr. Reeder and her team. Excellent front office associates that made me feel that they will do whatever to help me the same day. Dr. Reeder was amazing. Charismatic and inviting. Put me at ease for sure before my procedure. Painless as can be considering. Simply - just good people. Would highly recommend Dr. Reeder and her team. Thank you thank you!!” - T.L.

“Dr. Cherry had been my Oral Surgeon for at least 10 years. He has taken care of me as though I was one of his family. He also did the post for an implant. My bone deteriorated so he had to install cadaver bone so the implant would work. Excellent work. The staff is very friendly and professional. His office had always been easy to reach.” - H.L.


“Great office staff. Friendly and helpful.Dr. Reeder was wonderful. Puts patients at ease.”


“She was informative about the procedure that would be used in my extractions. It was painless and quick. I was very happy with her service.”


“There is no oral surgery practice like Dr. Cherry's. He is an expert in his work, compassionate, and thoughtful. He is not intimidated by challenging cases. His staff is outstanding! They are warm, cheerful, professional, and simply the best. I am so grateful to be a patient of Dr. Cherry's.” - B.R.

“Both my teenage boys needed their wisdom teeth taken out. Dr. Reeder is a true professional and we are very pleased with her services. She has a great bedside manner and explained everything to us very clearly. My boys both had the procedure done earlier this week and are resting comfortably. She even called to check on them the evening of the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Reeder to anyone.”


“She was very friendly and made me feel at ease. She did very good work, and I had a little follow up issue that was handled very quickly.”


“He's been my oral surgeon for a decade.  I've always felt like I was expert hands. Once following endodontic treatment I experienced a severe "one in a million" side effect. My endodontist said he had never seen it occur in over 20 years of practice. He didn't know what to do with me other than to tell me to go to the ER. I reached out to Dr. Cherry who knew exactly what to do. What relief!” - K.L.

“She and the entire staff were incredible. My daughter had 7 teeth removed and they treated her excellent. I would highly recommend this office.”


“The best experience in medical care. A caring, cool Doc Reeder and superb staff who care as well. Five stars in my book! Any issues?  She's the one to see!” - J.W.

Dr. Cherry expertly removed my son's three wisdom teeth without complication. The two bottom wisdom teeth were impacted and very close to the nerve. Post-operative bleeding ended within three hours. After the surgery, the staff called to check on my son. They're professional, knowledgeable, and concerned for their patients.” - J.K.


“The office of Dr. Reeder provided about the best experience I could imagine for wisdom teeth removal. Some people are tough but I am an absolute pansy when it comes to pain, and was concerned that having my four wisdom teeth removed would be a dreadful experience. From the initial consultation to the surgery and the following check-up, the staff was nothing but warm, attentive, and reassuring to me. Along with Dr. Reeder, they were quick to assuage my fears and concerns and to answer questions and worked with my needle anxiety by providing gas to ease my nerves before giving me the needle that would knock me out for the procedure. Dr. Reeder even called afterward to just check up and provided me with a number to reach her if needed. Every part of it went smoothly. Overall I felt very well cared for. If you need your wisdom teeth removed and would like it to be a smooth process and feel well taken care of, I would highly recommend Dr. Reeder.” - C.L.



“Dr. Reeder saw me after another doctor said that I needed immediate surgery for TMJ. At one point I could barely open my mouth and the pain spread from my ear to my jaw and all down my neck. Dr. Reeder talked me into giving it a bit more time. With medicine and continuing to see her, the problem resolved without surgery. I am very grateful.” - C.P.

“My experience with Dr. Cherry and his staff was absolutely excellent. I woke up with intense pain in an impacted wisdom tooth. Not only were they able to get me in right away, but they were able to extract it the same day with their already busy schedule. Everyone was incredibly helpful, and pleasant to talk to.” - J.N.


“My first visit was 'I don't want to be here. This isn't happening to me.' Within two minutes after meeting Dr. Reeder, that changed.  She put me at ease immediately and my trust in her was complete.  It was the same with the staff – they are welcoming and know what they are doing.  No sign-in sheet – they just know you're there!  The waiting room was attractive and comfortable. I actually looked forward to my visits – they eased concerns and they worked with 'my schedule.' There was never any real pain for me – hurting yes, but not pain. If there were check marks to mark, I'd give the highest number with a plus. If I overlooked anything, let me know, I'll fix it. Thank you for getting me through it.” M.L.

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